Membership Class Sign-up (Spring 2020)

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We believe that the church is central to all God is doing in the world. When you read the New Testament, wherever the gospel is proclaimed it doesn't just create converts, it creates churches. Followers of Jesus then aren't just meant to have their own personal relationship with God, but be joined together as part of the Church as it's locally expressed through places like Summit Christian. 

If you're wondering what your next step into life at Summit might be, check out this class. You'll learn:

  • where the church fits in God's redemptive plan.

  • why membership in a local church matters. 

  • who we are as a church at Summit in our belief and practices.

The class is four weeks long - there's not obligation to become a member by taking it. If you want to come but can't make all four weeks, let us know and we'll connect with you about how we can make it work.

Child care is available. Sign-up by clicking below.
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